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Rod Dry

Vocals, Double Bass

Dennis Schultz

Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Dobro

Bryan Daniel

Vocals, Guitar, Mouth Harp, Tin Whistle

Original founding members of Silver Creek, Rod Dry and Dennis Schultz toured South Africa professionally together for seven years.
In 1981, Dennis returned to East London, married, settled down, raised a family and involved himself in the corporate world.
With Rod’s recent relocation to Port Alfred, and Dennis, now retired and living a scant 45km away in Mgwalana, the long-awaited time has finally come to rejoin forces and rekindle the flame of a dream that was a glowing ember for nearly four decades.

Well known from years of performing throughout the Eastern Cape and surrounding areas, Bryan Daniel has built a solid reputation as an entertainer, concentrating on corporate functions and private events.
A highly talented guitarist and vocalist, and strong supporter of the “String & Whistle” folk club in East London, his expertise is sure to add another dimension to the Creek’s upcoming engagements.
Welcome aboard.

Shugg Dry
Born into the band in the year of the Navigator, 1989, Shugg has toured with Silver Creek consistently since the age of eight years as a roadie and then for seven years as the band’s lead guitarist.
Now donning the mantle of responsibility, settled in Port Alfred, raising his son, running his book shop and playing solo gigs, time is scarce, but whenever possible will be back on stage with the Creek.

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Fairy Knowe Backpackers

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Plettenberg Bay

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