The Van Plan

Rod, Chris and Shugg in front of the Creek Wagon
Photo © Chris Marais

Since the early ’70s, Silver Creek Mountain Band’s transport has been an iconic split-window Volkswagen Kombi with a Beetle “doppie” on top, known and admired by thousands throughout the length and breadth of South Africa, with trips as far afield as South West Africa (now Namibia), Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana.

Rod with the Creek Wagon
Photo © Chris Marais

Affectionately dubbed “The Creek Wagon,” it has been photographed extensively, written about in newspapers and used for magazine articles.

Synonymous with the band and its owner, double-bassist Rod Dry, this unique, eye-catching vehicle became a legend in its own right with years of dedication, revamping, re-spraying, many many 1600 engines and countless breakdowns – but as the saying goes, a B-class ride is better than an A-class walk!


Some seven years ago, after yet another “face-lift” (and another engine), the pristine Creek Wagon on its first test-drive had a fuel line dislodge and within a brief but dynamic space of time, cremated itself on the outskirts of Cradock – kind thanks to the “mechanics” involved!

Rod with the burning Creek Wagon
Photo © Chris Marais

The new Creek Wagon
Photo © Eugen Ruetsche

An old split-window with many limitations was found in Pretoria, rebuilt adding the Volksie top, re-sprayed, “re-engined” and re-wired – financed solely by Rod using money obtained by selling Silver Creek T-shirts, CDs and whatever spare cash that could be gleaned from a professional musician’s meagre earnings.

For the past year, the Creek Wagon has been immobile, until now – the final throw of the dice … JRK Beetles in Wonderboom, Pretoria, has taken on the mammoth task of once more attempting to put it back into good running order, dropping and checking the engine, cleaning the fuel tank, replacing rims and tyres, reconditioning the gearbox, finding seats and a steering wheel, and so on – work that is “guestimated” at approximately R22 000,00.

Once this is done, body work, a better spray job and artwork lie on the horizon.

We are throwing this into the ether with the hopes that it will inspire those who remember the old Creek Wagon and the pleasurable evenings they have had listening to Silver Creek Mountain Band, to lend a helping hand.

A Capitec account in Rod’s name has been opened for this express purpose. Any donations, no matter how small, would be welcomed and received with much appreciation, gratitude and many a kind thanks. 

The new Creek Wagon - inside
Photo © Eugen Ruetsche

Let’s make a plan for the van!

Banking details:
Capitec Bank Savings Account
Account no.: 1646 0284 04
Branch code: 470010
Reference: VanPlan